trigger warnings

Some of the websites I visit, of the pages I follow sprinkle trigger warnings on most of their content.
I’m not entirely sure how I feel about them.

The intention is good, obviously. And I suppose they don’t hurt. But what sparks strong emotions when one is going through difficult times is so unforeseeable.

A sesame seed. Suddenly reminding me of the one that had fallen in Paul’s ear. He seemed to always wake to breastfeed when we were just about to eat. And I was often too hungry to wait.

A sesame seed.
Trigger warning : invokes memories of blissful times with your baby.

Others are more obvious: babies, photos of babies, people talking about babies, conversations about the not so pleasant aspects of parenthood (I want to yell back at them)…

But what can I do? These days, everything is a potential trigger. Life needs a trigger warning.

4 réflexions au sujet de « trigger warnings »

  1. Typhaine – What a beautiful, and heartbreaking, image of the sesame seed falling in Paul’s ear. I am just so sorry. And I agree, the triggers are everywhere. Sometimes the triggers that are not as obvious hit the gut the hardest.

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