10 Things About Me – Grief Aside

Edited as i woke up and realize my list was missing something important…

Un billet peut-être moins pertinent pour les personnes qui me connaissent dans la vraie vie…

Since yesterday, I have read a few responses to an invitation made on the Still Standing magazine website to share 10 Things About You – Grief Aside. I feel like I wouldn’t usually respond to that sort of assignment but i have enjoyed reading the lists from people whose blogs i have been following and so i want to share as well.

here i go…

1- Where were you born and where do you live?
I was born in Nantes, France, to a French mother and a Quebecois father. We moved when i was 3 and I have spent most of my life in Québec city.

2- Where have you traveled to?
I have had the opportunity to travel through Canada, part of the US and several countries. Among those, i traveled…

Most often : back to visit family in France
Most recently : Columbia, this winter
Most surprisingly : Romania, when i was 14
Most typical : through Central America as i took a break from studying
Most extensively : New Orleans. I went there on a whim, ended up staying more than three years and getting a BA there.

3- What is your favourite food?
I love pretty much all food, eating it and cooking it. I especially enjoy sushi, really good salads, my grandmother’s sautéed potatoes and chocolate.

4- Hobbies?
I have been practising judo since i was 10 (with some time off).
I run, albeit not very fast. Before becoming pregnant, i ran a few half-marathon. Now i am training to run a 10k in a few weeks with some friends of mine.

5- What are you reading right now?
I am finishing the biography of Frida Kahlo and going back and forth between different books on grief. Asides from that, I love Scandinavian thriller books.

6- For the past seven years, I have been sharing my life with a crazy and wonderful dog named Lula.

7– I spend hours weekly listening to podcasts while walking, running, cooking, doing housework… (My favorite ones are This American Life, The Moth and 99% Invisible). I do not enjoy housework and cleaning, so listening to podcasts is one of the ways i use to make it more bearable.

8– I am passionate about social justice and feminism. I try to contribute to the collective efforts towards building a more egalitarian and open-minded society.

9– My idea of a perfect morning in : drinking coffee in bed while reading or watching an episode of whatever series i am following.

10– I love getting mail so i try sending letters and care packages as often as possible to share the beautiful feeling of receiving a specially crafted piece of something in the mailbox.

I am still standing in memory of Paul

9 réflexions au sujet de « 10 Things About Me – Grief Aside »

  1. I loved reading this! I too am an avid podcast listener! THis American Life is my favorite! and I love the Moth as well. I havent listened to 99% Invisible- so I »ll have to try that! I also like Radio Lab. And I love getting and sending mail too! 🙂

  2. Moi aussi j’utilise les podcasts pour rendre les tâches ménagères moins pénibles! 🙂 Je suis un peu trop fan de Radio-Canada… Voici mes podcasts préférés :
    Plus on est de fous, plus on lit
    La soirée est encore jeune
    Pouvez-vous répéter la question
    La Sphère

    Merci pour cette incursion dans votre univers!

  3. Contente de lire que la Roumanie vous a surpris:) qu’est-ce que vous avez visité en Roumanie? Une belle écriture, si profonde …courage!

    • J’y suis allée quand j’avais 14 ans alors j’avoue que mes souvenirs sont un peu vagues… Nous avions passé du temps dans une familles (des amis de mon oncle), qui habitaient près d’une mine de sel inondée dans laquelle on flottait… sinon, j’avais été marquée par un tour le long du Danube et par un cimetière avec des monuments de bois peint de couleurs vives…
      Vous connaissez?
      (et merci pour votre commentaire.)

  4. I echo Meghan’s podcast recommendations :). Although I have to admit, I usually just listen to Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me! because it makes me laugh! Though I LOVE Radiolab, too. They had a fascinating one recently (?) on the goats of Galapagos.

    • I loved the Galapagos goats episode too, though i feel for the goats! I lost some enthusiasm for RadioLab for a while after they did an episode on Yellow rain in Cambodia (where i felt they were totally insensitive to the man they interviewed) but i have been going back to it…

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