finding calm

How do you find calm in the turmoil and agitation?
Somewhere in me, i know i need to wait for this baby to be ready to come on his/her own, i know stressing out doesn’t help me, and doesn’t make time speed up as i wish it would. I know my state of mind in this limbo between when bébé-lentille could have been here and when s/he will be is not unique. Mothers have lived through this anxious time forever — or at least for a few decades as the timing of birth has become more and more predictable and precise.

2014-09-19_corazonI need to be patient, i need to find calm, and peace.
I need to find a way to stay in this inner space that allows me to stop waiting and just be.
I thought bébé-lentille would be here with us by now, that i would be able to hold him/her in my arms. But i need to remember i am not the one to decide when this will happen. I need to release this urge to control the unfolding of the next few days.

I need to find a way to rest, to wait, to relax.
Perhaps then, in this space between calm and excitation, filled with love and expectation, i will be able to open myself entirely to welcome my may-baby.
Mon bébé-de-mai.


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8 réflexions au sujet de « finding calm »

  1. In general, babies come when they are ready. I know what you mean about that time when you’re fed up waiting and you want to meet the little person who’s been keeping you awake with it’s kicking at 2 in the morning…
    All the best. 🙂 X

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I try to focus on that — « babies come when they are ready »… It works well at some moments and then my good intentions fall apart and i start worrying and being overwhelmed by impatience… I’m still working on letting go of my need to control everything…

  2. Tellement sage! Ce n’est pas facile en fin de grossesse, peu importe les circonstances, et ça doit être particulièrement difficile mentalement pour toi (sans compter tous les symptômes et difficultés physiques, les hormones, alouette…). Et pour moi, c’est ça qui a été le plus difficile, en pré-conception et pendant la grossesse, d’accepter qu’il y avait plein de choses sur lesquelles je n’avais aucun contrôle, que ça me détruisait à l’intérieur de m’angoisser avec les choses sur lesquelles je n’ai aucun contrôle. Je ne dis pas que c’est ton cas (qu’est-ce que j’en sais!), je dis juste ça pour dire que c’est une situation super frustrante et que tu as le droit de le ressentir (si c’est ça que tu ressens). Je te souhaite de te trouver des activités que tu peux faire maintenant et qui te font du bien…

    • Oui, c’est vraiment un exercice pas facile, de lâche prise, de se rappeler qu’on a pas le contrôle sur le timing. J’ai été plus que privilégiée de ce côté quand j’ai souhaité tomber enceinte (c’est bon de me le rappeler puisqu’à ce bout-ci de la grossesse, je me sens pas mal frustrée de ne rien contrôler!)

      Merci pour tes souhaits, j’essaie de me tenir occupée et de jaser un peu avec bébé-de-mai pour l’assurer qu’on est prêt-e-s à l’accueillir…

      • C’est vraiment plus facile à dire qu’à faire, comme bien des choses! Goooo Typhaine, tu vas y arriver, au bout de cette grossesse, tu vas franchir la ligne d’arrivée, et tu vas être tellement fière de tout le chemin parcouru! Pis si tu l’es pas, moi je vais l’être en titi, fière de toi!

  3. I know how difficult it is to wait – my boy was over a week late. But I think that word ‘late’ is the issue. No baby has a timetable and our bodies don’t work to a deadline, so it’s a waiting game but you know that there’s going to be a very positive outcome at the end so the wait will be worth it. I found doing something for myself, life getting my toes painted – I certainly couldn’t bend down! – or having friends round for a coffee really helped me wait. But you must tell your friends NOT to talk about the wait…that topic is out of bounds.
    Babies come when they’re ready and they do come. Honest!
    Best of luck

  4. Tracey and Tracy (aka mummyshambles!) are right, babies come when they are ready, although after an 11 day wait for my first I can sympathise with the waiting game. I know that there must be a whole other layer of stress and worry for you, and you are in my thoughts as you await the arrival of bebe-lentille x Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

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