the distance

“It could never happen to me,” is a lie people tell themselves in order to put the most distance between themselves and what happened. Yet distance is not what’s needed when tragedy strikes. What’s needed is the bravery to close the gap by stepping right inside, square in the middle of someone’s pain. And just be with them in it. Which means feeling all of it too. Terrifying– I know– but imagine how much more terrified your loved one is. You at least get to go back to your normal life. This is their new normal– forever.

A few words from a thought-provoking piece by Angela Miller, published today at Still Standing Magazine.

I was incredibly lucky not to face the kind of devastating comments the author speaks of (“How did you let this happen?!!”). Instead, I heard the doctors who took care of Paul tell me several time « This is not your fault ». I heard these words coming from people close to me too. And they told me again and again I was still Paul’s mom, and that P. and I were good parents. Lire la suite